Groups and Committees

Iraq Affinity Group
Dedicated to ending the sanctions on Iraq and increasing public awareness on the condition of the Iraqi people.

Programming Committee
Addresses the facilitation, planning and co-sponsorship of public programs to support SPR's Mission.

More Groups

In response to President Bush's Operation Iraqi Freedom and the use of "Shock and Awe" tactics by U.S., British & Australian military forces, Seacoast Peace Response has formed five new focus groups to help foster and funnel our energies towards bringing an end to war and violence in our names. Please contact the heads of the focus groups if you are interested in the actions they will be planning.

Tax Resistance
Contact Tom Jackson, or Doug Bogen,

Audio/Video Media Outreach
Contact Steve Diamond,
will soon have a description of each of the videos / audio that are available

Street Theater
Contact Susie Husted,

Contact Melissa Bernardin,

Direct Action
Contact Amy Antonucci,

SPR welcomes your involvement.
If you are interested in focusing efforts on Iraqi concerns or on public programming, please let us know.



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