Iraqi War Resolution: We Demand Answers

Senate Judd Gregg's Portsmouth, NH District Office, October 8, 2002

We, members of Seacoast Peace Response, demand that Senator Judd Gregg review and respond before the end of the day to our questions. We demand that Senator Judd Gregg either convince us of the need for a war with Iraq, or that he will speak on the Senate floor against any Iraqi war resolution. We will remain in Senator Judd Gregg's Portsmouth office until these demands are met.

Questions to be answered by Senator Judd Gregg:

Why is Iraq seen as more dangerous now than it was five years ago?

What is the evidence that Sadam has weapons of mass destruction, and that he will use them?

Would you consider a quarter of a million Iraqi civilian deaths acceptable in this war?

If not, what level of civilian deaths would be acceptable?

Why is it worth a daily casualty rate of a battalion a day, as estimated by the former commander in the Middle East, General Joseph Hoar, to get Sadam?

Will the American public accept these casualty rates?

What would be the impact of this war on the Oil for Food Program, upon which the majority of Iraqis critically depend?

What justification is there for violating international law with a preemptive war against Iraq?

Why would a United States preemptive war not be illegal when the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal in 1945 stated, "to initiate a war of aggression... is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime."

Why are you not concerned that if Saddam is cornered he would launch weapons of mass destruction against our troops, against Israel, against Saudi Arabian oil facilities, and would distribute weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups?

What are the exit plans for this proposed preemptive war? The estimated costs for this war are $100B and the estimated costs for reconstructing Iraq are $100B.

What do you expect would be the effect of these costs on our floundering economy and the already inadequate funding for education, health, housing, and our infrastructure?

To what extent is this war about controlling the second largest oil field in the world?

What would Israel do if attacked, and how would we prevent them from over-reacting?

Isn't a war going to fuel even more anti-American sentiment and increase the recruitment of more terrorists?

Does it concern you that this preemptive war would set precedents for future world conflicts?

What would be the impact of this war on the oil markets and the world economy?

We understand that congressional mail is running overwhelmingly against attacking Iraq. Why isn't congress listening to its citizens?

Will you ask these questions on the Senate floor?

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